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Parents can help their children develop a lifetime of good oral health beginning with the very first tooth. Our focus on education and prevention ensures that parents are able to assist their child at home with proper oral hygiene.

Brushing and flossing
Good oral hygiene includes regular brushing and flossing. This helps remove the bacteria that cause cavities from the surface of the teeth. Start brushing as soon as the first tooth erupts into your child’s mouth. Parents should continue to brush and floss their child’s teeth until age 11 when most children with proper instruction and monitoring can begin to brush their teeth satisfactorily.

Fluoride is important for the development of healthy teeth. Whether your child gets it through drinking water or by supplementation, it helps with cavity prevention. By incorporating into a tooth’s outer layer, fluoride protects teeth and makes enamel more resistant to break down by bacteria, which causes decay. It’s important to determine if your home water supply contains fluoride so your child can receive its benefit.

Sealants are a thin layer of material applied to the chewing surfaces of the posterior/back teeth and work as a barrier to prevent decay. These are commonly applied to the posterior teeth called molars when they erupt into the mouth. The application is quick and painless and can effectively protect teeth for many years.


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